Transform Your Life in 2020!

Take back control and start living life on your terms!

Have you given up your life and dreams for those of others? Do you feel that there is more to you and for you than the life you are currently living? Have you let your own self care or peace of mind go in order to take care of others? Would you like to take back control of your life and start living life on your terms? Would you like a clear vision and plan for the direction you want your life to go? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please know that you are not on your own.  In the Transform Your Life workshop we will work with you on rediscovering the true you and help you become the person you are meant to be.

Next Course: Saturday 29th February 10am to 2pm. Price: €60

Reiki (Level 1) Workshop:

Would you like to be able to channel Reiki Energy? 

Would you like to learn all about the chakra as a means of personal growth?
Would like to know the hand positions to give a Reiki treatment to yourself or your family?
Would you like to receive the Level 1 Reiki attunement?
These are just some of the topics that will be covered in our Reiki 1 Workshops. Everyone has the ability to channel Reiki energy. It is received during the Level 1 attunement and once learned is never lost.
The workshop promises to be a beautiful journey of self discovery and will have a positive effect on your life enhancing your self knowledge, confidence and intuition.
Reiki transformed my life. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am excited about this workshop and I am looking forward to passing on my knowledge and passion of Reiki.

Next Course: Saturday 22nd February 10am to 5pm. Price: €150

Intoduction to Aromatherapy:

Explore the wonderful aromatic world of Essential Oils!

This introductory course will enableyou to discover the wonderful aromatic world of Essential Oils. It will help you incorporate essential oils into your everyday life and improve your physical, mental and emotional health.
The aim of the course is total relaxation for the participants. Every participant will receive a complimentary aromatherapy blend to use at home.
No experience needed.
Places are limited.
10am to 2pm
Cost €60

Next Course: Saturday 8th February 10am to 2pm. Price: €60

Stress Management & Resilience Training:

Channel your inner resilience to combat stress in the modern world!

This short workshop aims to assist participants to recognise the symptoms of stress, the affects it has on the brain and physical body and introduce simple techniques to build their own inner resilience to manage stress.

Stress Management in a Modern World:

Break the stress cycle!

The aim of this programme is to give participants a better understanding of stress, to recognise the signs of stress and will offer techniques to effectively manage their stress levels.

Putting Things First!

Time Management for Life!

The aim of this course is to show participants how and where time is lost and looks at the impact it has on themselves and others.  Based on Stephen Convey’s work the workshop helps learners how to manage their time in both their professional and personal lives so as to create a great work life balance.

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